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Date: 1900?

Dr George Wiggin,

Dr George Wiggin, in his garden at Smirthwaite House, with chimneys behind being those of the 'Jingo' (Dennison Square). - 1900.

Dr George Wiggin, born 18th September, 1845, was the eldest son of George Waite and Margaret Wiggin, nee Smirthwaite, of Smirthwaite House, Methley.

After qualifying, Dr Wiggin had his consulting room at Smirthwaite House, where he lived, unmarried, for the rest of his life.

He was described by Florrie Walker as "rather brusque, a big burly man". For 25 years he was Medical Officer of Health under the old Local Board & the Urban Council. He retired about 1912 and died at home on 30th October, 1928. He was buried on November 2nd in Methley Churchyard.

Author: May Walker.


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