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Date: 1945?

Methley Hall

M400 Methley Hall - 1945. 

Methley Hall, front view of later Gothic building added in the 1830s.
Many older residents of Methley remember this frontage. Built by the 3rd Earl in the 1830s. Architect Anthony Salvin, restorer of Windsor and Alnwick Castles and the Tower of London.
The Hall was a fine building with castellated roof, the fine bay windows from the first floor carried to the top of the building. At the right hand side can be seen the ballroom, library and dining room added 1834. Methley Hall was indeed a magnificent building, one of the largest in the area. The interior of 60 rooms was lavishly furnished and appointed and it was renowned for its hospitality, entertainment and social occasions, as well as for the learned people who visited, for the Saviles were always closely connected with Oxford University.



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