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Date: 1950s ?

Methley Hall - 1950s ?

Methley Hall (site of)
County: West Yorks  
District: Leeds
Parish: -
Monument Number: ( 2285 )
Site of Methley Hall, situated in the park and probably founded by Robert Waterton shortly after his acquisition of the manor in c.1410. (The old manor site, previously held by the Hospital of St Nicholas, was located in Mickletown, PRN 1284). There is yet no good reason to suppose that Waterton's manor house was a refurbishment of an existing house. It was massively altered in c.1591 following its purchase by John Savile and continued as one of the region's high status halls until its demolition in 194-. The site of the hall itself remains in thin woodland north of Home Farm, but it is not known how much below ground destruction occurred either during alterations through the years or during demolition. Darbyshire and Lumb (?quoting Camden) said that Methley Hall ... was moated around and had a stone bridge over the moat to a tower in the centre of the front, where there was a gateway or entrance with strong gates like a castle and a portculis to let down in time of danger. At the opposite side of the house was a drawbridge over the moat. Date of this observation to be determined to decide whether it falls before or after Savile's alterations in late 16th century. Disposition of remainder of the former manorial complex is unknown and not ascertainable from the few surviving late med. accts. It is possible then that quite extensive remains may exist below ground in this area, of the hall itself, a possible moat and of other manorial buildings. Although form given as earthwks above, a brief visit did not notice any easily interpretable remains; but bldg foundations show on 1983 AP, so probably didn't see hall site itself. This site could probably only be evaluated more fully by trial excavn. over a wide area, were it threatened in any way. This rcd. compiled only with regard to manorial status of site, not to house.
H.S.Darbyshire, G.D.Lumb, 1937 Thoresby Soc Publicn. 35,p.110 (quoting above)
Leeds City Archives, Methley/Manorial/Accounts Nos. (translated BY and JM)
WY 106/36A
W.Camden 16--, Britannia iii, p.41 (edition?)



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