The Malt Shovel Inn

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The Malt Shovel Inn shown here is the last building before the Minors Welfare it shows as though it has being made into two houses the nearer a lighter shade. It was roughly where the now Community Centre is Number 43 Main Street.

On the image below the Malt shovel was on the left.

The last use before Demolished for the centre was - Number 43 the Yorkshire Penny Bank, Main Street. Yes we had a Bank 3 Butchers and lots more all condemned by the Rorhwell Council in a big reconstruction of the street but half way threw Rothwell Council was Disbanded and Leeds Council did not honour Rothwell Council 1950s/60s plans to straighten the dog leg at or near the characteristic Nelson Inn its area in the street. Main St had a slightly unkempt look to before the condemning of the west of the street slightly before 1961 census where you can trace lots of Methley buildings had disapered.

So in the 70s the bare look of the opened up street was other than the sheltered housing and Community Centre at Garden House area of main St, was left open to non-uniformity of separate building plots being built with a now patchy look.

But now maybe a development being talked about, a new Co-op east of the Mini Market.

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