St Oswald's Church. The Parish of Methley and Mickletown.

The tower and spire repairs were undertaken during the major church restoration of 1899-1901. The western buttresses of the tower were rebuilt and the spire taken down and rebuilt in an improved form. The west doorway was opened out. The photograph shows the tower enclosed in scaffolding.


St. Oswald's Church, south-east view, after 1937.

This photograph shows the east window of the Waterton Chapel. This four-light window contains all the ancient glass now in the church, chiefly from the 15th century, and said to be as ancient as some in York Minster.
The east window of the chancel is hidden by a tree. The path, old tombs and part of ths south wall are all visible. The south porch is hidden and there is now no spire.




East view of St. Oswald's, 1981.

Here we see the five-light east window of the chancel, installed in 1926 when the chancel was rebuilt of Guiseley stone, and a new roof of English oak was made over the whole chancel. Also, on the right, is the new vestry and organ chamber, faced outside with Guiseley stone (lined inside with brick and plastered), which replaced the wooden building of 1901. This new work was made possible through the generosity of Mr. H. C. Embleton of the Cedars, Methley, and was dedicated by the Bishop of Ripon on 17th July, 1926.
On the left is the Waterton Chapel with its four-light east window containing very old stained glass assembled from previous windows in church. In the foreground are old table tombs.


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