St Oswald's Church. The Parish of Methley and Mickletown.

St. Oswald's Church, south view, 1985.

The south porch and tower are visible with part of the churchyard path leading to the lower (south) part of churchyard.


St. Oswald's Church, south view, 1989.

A more extensive view than the previous one which shows the full length of the south side - i.e. the tower, south porch and door archway, south aisle and the south window of the Waterton Chapel.
In front of the tower is the Garden of Rest and Remembrance for ashes of villagers cremated who wished to have their ashes buried in Methley. Part of the older churchyard is in the foreground. The south side of the tower, about halfway up, bears the arms of the Waterton family.


North Side of St Oswald's Church.

The north side of St. Oswald's Church in the 1980s.
The entrance to the vestry was erected in 1926, the successor to earlier temporary and rather crude vestries, is shown. The north wall contains old stonework of the 12th century.


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