Churchside, Methley.


Main Leeds-Pontefract Road 1920s, almost opposite the Church School.

On the left note the fence on the school boundary, three men (unknown) are on the footpath near to a large gate which led onto a cart path into the fields, and into the school grounds and School House. On the right are two girls on the footpath just beyond Cedars where there is a fence around the field. The background has a good view of the south side of the Church, complete with tower and spire.

The School House, front view.

This was built as a house for the caretaker of the Church School at about the same time as the school was built. After the closure of the school in 1962 it was occupied for some time by the caretakers of the Parish Centre (which the school building became). It was occupied for many years by Mr.L. Beilby (Senior) and then by Mr. Frank Beilby. The School House was built about. 1847.

School House at the Church School, east view.

Photo taken in about 1982 which shows the front and the side of the house and a part of the Parish Centre.


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