Churchside, Methley.

Entrance to the 'Chantry', formerly St. Oswald's Rectory.

The entrance to the former rectory, now named the Chantry. The Rectory was built in 1867 for the Hon., The Rev. Philip Yorke Savile, son of the 3rd Earl of Mexboro' and brother of the 4th Earl. The Rev. Philip Savile was Rector of Methley from 1841-1897. From 1841-1867 he lived at the Cedars.
The Rev. Charles Young was the last occupant (1964) of the Rectory. The house became too expensive to maintain and was sold as a private residence. The view here shows part of the main drive with a path leading left to the stable block and coach house. The large window is that of the staircase and the entrance to the house is in the corner.




The North side of the Chantry

The Chantry, north side, ie. facing onto the new rectory.The triangular mark on the wall is that of the former porch and entrance. The large lawn can be seen in the foreground.



The Chantry front, facing west

The photograph shows a fiine semi-circular window, with a balcony above. The semi-circular window is that of the long lounge. The other two windows on the right are those of the dining room. Terraced lawns and rose gardens can be seen in the front. The gardens were used in the past for Garden Parties and for May Queen celebrations.


Garden Party on Rectory lawns

A Garden Party on the Rectory lawns in the 1950s, showing the semi-circular window and former entrance.


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