Woodrow Hill


Woodrow Hill

Woodrow Hill, full view, taken from Park Lane in 1991. The photograph shows the large, detached houses at the lower end of hill, and the entry to Mulberry Garden's houses, between the two houses with red roofs. The larger houses were built in the 1980s and Mulberry Gardens built from the 1980s to 1990s. The Apex Garage stood near the bottom of the hill in the 1950s. Higher up the hill are semi-detached and detached properties built in the 1960s, and then the Bondfield Terrace houses. Ivy House on the other side of the road is in shade.


Houses on lower part of Woodrow Hill

Woodrow Hill showing houses on the lower part. The photo was taken in August, 1991. The gable of a Mulberry Garden's house can be seen between two houses with red roofs.


Ivy House, Woodrow Hill

Ivy House, Woodrow Hill taken from Park Lane in the 1980s. Ivy House isa 17th century property, for many years a farm. Occupied for many years by the Tillotson family, then Wheatleys. The stone building on the left of the house was built as a summer house for the convalescence of Miss Tillotson, daughter of the farmer. In the foreground are the long, low sheds where rhubarb was 'forced' early in the year by growing it in heat and dark. They were built on a level part of a large field - the old, medieval West Field.


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