Garden House, Woodend

Garden House, situated in Methley Park.

Garden House was so called because for many years it was the home of the head-gardener (and his family) of the Methley Hall gardens and estate. Situated in Methley Park Wood with access by a track from East Lodge. A house was shown on this site on the 1786 map.
This 1959 photo shows Mr and Mrs Robinson senior in the doorway at the front of the house, (the front faces south). In front of the house was the large walled garden, where fruit, flowers and vegetables were grown for the occupants of the Hall. Also there were heated greenhouses on the lower part of the enclosed walled garden. Many fruits were grown cordon-style on the walls. The walls were hollow and in winter hot air circulated in the hollow, keeping the walls warm and helping to promote growth of the fruits and also keep them frost free. Wood was readily available and there was coal near the surface in the woodland.

Garden House showing alterations to the front

Garden House, a later view than the previous picture. Note the porch at the front door and the landscaped garden.


Garden House, front view, 1983.


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