The Savile Pit

Savile Pit Yard

Savile Pit, another old view showing the tall chimney, engine house and steam-driven winding wheel. Names can be seen on the coal wagons in the pit yard.

Savile Pit yard

The entrance to the Savile Pit from the top of Main Street in about 1935. ' Briggs ' - the colliery owners' name on rail wagons. Different view of workshops, fan house (in middle), coal washer (right). Tall chimney beyond and now two steam-driven headgears, newer on left.

Old loco, Savile Pit

Very old Savile Pit loco, about 1910. Used for 'shunting' coal wagons to different areas of the pit yard and to the LMS railway line. People unknown. Identification would be appreciated.



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