Main Street

Main Street in the early 1900s

Main Street was called Town Street until 1898. This view is approximately from the large bungalow, Stocks Hill, Main Street.
On right the girl and child are on footpath in front of the village blacksmith's and shoeing shop. Children often gathered in the forecourt watching farm and carriage horses being shod. The blacksmiths were Longbottoms and then Parrotts. The two tall houses set back from the road, each with a long garden (68 and 70 Main Street) are still standing though now are plaster-rendered. The mock-Tudor building is the Lord Nelson Inn - with the houses of Nelson Yard at the rear. Its overhanging upper storey hides the Bay Horse and older houses beyond. Further along is the high-gabled Primitive Methodist Chapel and its forecourt and beyond this the two shops - Milner's drapers (first Mrs. Asquith's) and Parkers (later Barkers) grocer, which stood directly on the pavement, almost where the present mini market is, though the new shop is are set further back from the road.

Across the road, though lower down than the shops, is the gable of Woodhall Manor, opposite to 4 older houses. Next comes Manor Farm, the house, the low stone wall of the farmyard and the two front houses of Bickerdyke Buildings with their private low-walled frontage. Between the farmyard wall and the house of Bickerdyke Buildings is a dark patch which was a 'ginnel' to the rear houses of Bickerdyke Buildings. The bedroom above the 'ginnel' belonged to the front house. The rear Bickerdyke Buildings houses are at right angles to Main Street.
The tree in the foreground, a sycamore, grew in the grounds of the Garden House. Websdale's fish and chip shop, which was opposite to the blacksmiths is not on this picture.

Main Street 1985

Looking towards theSavile Pit from approximately the same position as in the illustration above.
On the right, the bricks and rubble is that from a row of houses of Stocks Hill and two cottages and a shop (Hill's greengrocery and pot shop) which stood in front of the bungalow No 66 Main Street. Two large houses, 68 and 70 Main Street are set back from the road. Shrubs grow where the Lord Nelson Inn and Nelson's yard houses stood. The white gable is that of the Bay Horse, then the plaster-rendered older cottages, the two new shops, the solitary house at the top of Mill Lane and, in the background, the entrance to Savile Pit.
On the left the Community Centre stands approximately where the Malt Shovel and the 'Bank House' were; flats replace Taylor's house and Websdale's house and shops. Just two of the original rear houses of Bickerdyke Buildings remain. Flats and council-built houses replace Manor Farm and Woodhall Manor. The flats were built 1970-72 and occupied January 1972


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