Stocks Hill and Main Street

Stocks Hill, Main Street, 1991

Newsagent's shop with a flat above and a bungalow built on Stocks Hill. Behind the bungalow, hidden, are the three original rear houses. Beyond the bungalow, further up Main Street and hidden from view is the large bungalow which was Methley Working Men's Club.

An old photo of Wright's grocery shop, Main Street.

The shop and dwelling stood a little lower down Main Street then Stocks Hill. Attached to the barbers shop at the end of Stocks Hill was a house and then this shop. This was a typical village shop, with metal adverts on the walls, sign above door and window full of an assortment of goods sold. On the right of the shop window is the chewing gum machine, 1d for a packet of gum, (two or three sugar-coated oblongs of gum in a packet). On the left is the cigarette machine. The young man in the doorway is Mr. Albert Clegg, the nephew and assistant of Mr. Wright, the shop keeper. The shopkeeper lived in rooms behind and above the shop.


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