The Red House and "The Hut"

Red House, Main Street. Rear view, after demolition had started.

This is the only photo of it yet available. If you have a better one please let me have it.
It was a large brick house which stood at the corner of Parsonage Road and Main Street, (west side of Parsonage). It was flat fronted with a central doorway, of symmetrical design and had a small garden in front with a centre path to the front door.
It contained the Council Offices for Methley Urban District Council before the amalgamation with Rothwell U.D.C. in 1936, and was also the home of the Methley U.D.C. Surveyor. The Child Welfare Clinic was here in the 1950s.
At the rear was a large yard with outbuildings at the rear, and down the sides were tool and storage sheds for council workmen. Older people recall queuing here when they were children for free issue of disinfectant from one of these buildings for cleaning drains, each taking their own bottle. The village mortuary was also in this yard and the old horse-drawn village hearse was stored here after becoming redundant. It had formerly been kept in a shed in Little Church Lane(near the old Police House).

St. Margaret's Church Hall

This is often called 'the Hut'. This is the front view, facing onto Main Street.
Built in the early 1930s on land owned by St. Margaret's Church (an area where the first church, a stone one, was planned in the 1880s and then abandoned).
The Hall comprises one main room with attached kitchen and toilets and is still used for many church and social functions,eg. Whist Drives, Guides, Scouts and also as a robing room for St Margaret's Church Choir. A timber framed structure with corrugated sheets to exterior walls, interior wood-lined and with a bituminous felt roof.

St. Margaret's Church Hall

This side view was from Pinfold Lane, ie. east side.
It shows more of the construction and the land where it was built. The end door was used as an emergency door and also by St. Margaret's Church Choirmen after robing for services in the hut, a shorter way than using the main door.


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