Silver Row

Silver Row, Lower Mickletown, 1911.

In 1911 most of the houses were of similar appearance, for they were then owned by Mexboroughs. There is a structurally different property at the end of the row. At the time of this photo it was Ward's bakery and confectioners, with the corner door of the shop and shop window; baking took place in the kitchen at the rear, the family living in the larger portion of this part.
This structurally different part - 2 homes - is said to maybe once have been a chapel or a school and was definitely the offices at one time for Parlour Pit, a drift mine in the fields to the rear east, and owned by Fentons. Parlour Pit Wood, a small copse, is still there.
Leaning against the wall is Mr. Miller, who had a fish and chip shop in the wooden building on the right. Standing beside him is his son, Tommy, who later became village coal merchan

Silver Row, 1985.

This is the large, structurally different property at the east end of the row. We can clearly see two houses in the building and, at the east end, the former baker's shop with the built-up corner doorway and side window. To the right of Silver Row, standing back in the fields, were Fenton's Cottages. Parlour Pit and Fenton's Cottages are still named on a 1932 map.

Silver Row, 1992.

Silver Row, diverse styles indicating individual private ownership
Most of the houses are now privately owned and accordingly individually altered, losing similarity and corporate identity


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