Lower Mickletown, Willow Grove Farm

Lower Mickletown from Green Lane, 1993

This photo taken from Green Lane, looking across the fields shows a mixture of old and new properties. On the near right are two new bungalows, now the last properties in Lower Mickletown and built approximately on the site of the original houses which were the last in Lower Mickletown before. There is a pair of semi-detached houses built in the 1930s; four houses of Moor Side View (older houses); a bungalow on the site of an older house; two detached houses built on the site of Moor Side Farm. All these on the north side of the road.
On the south side of the road are two old cottages - first one was Wilson's shop; gable of new houses of Coney Moor Grove. More properties are being built in this area, which is fast becoming re-developed.

Willow Grove Farm, rear view, 1983

Stands in the fields to the east of Green Lane, at the first corner of the road going from Lower Mickletown. A farm was recorded here in 1786. This rear view seen as farm is approached on track from Green Lane. Has a quaint, old-world character, a long sloping roof to single storey rear block from a two storey frontage. The rear retains the old character. Faces north.

Willow Grove Farm, front view, 1983

Faces south over Methley Mires and onto Leeds - Pontefract Road the A639. The front of the house was altered, probably in the 19th century, and again in the 1950s - 1960s. New windows and door were fitted.


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