Green Lane

Sand and Gravel Extraction, 1981

Shows depth of sand available and seepage of water into extractions. Cranes and sand extracting machinery are on the right. The earth screen for Dunford house is on the far right. The buildings in the background are those of Whitwood Mere and Castleford. The water tower at Pontefract park is just visible on the skyline.

Green Lane houses from A639

This long row of through houses stood just a field's distance from the A639 on the west side of Green Lane itself. The row faced onto the main road - always quite a landmark. There was just a track at the rear forming a communal yard, with outdoor toilets and ashpits. At right angles to the long row and attached to it were two more cottages, facing onto Green lane itself.
There was no front road; each house had its own small garden and a footpath went along the front of the row.


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