Pindergreen, Watergate, March 1990.

On the right is the terrace of the older properties of Pinder Green Row, owned by the Mexborough Estates for many years and occupied by Estate workers and their families. Most of them now privately owned. On the left are the fronts and gardens of the privately built houses at the front of the Embleton Estate, facing the Watergate road. The 18 houses were built by Cyril Surby. Between the houses is the road leading into the Embleton Estate.

Entrance to the Embleton Estate.

The estate of 132 council built semi-detached houses and 10 Old People's bungalows, was built in 1958-59. Many people from Mickletown, particularly the Main Street area, were re-housed there when their older houses were demolished. The name 'Embleton' commemorates the Embleton family who lived at the Cedars, Churchside. The son, Mr. Henry Cawood Embleton was a great benefactor to St. Oswald's Church.


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