Top of Main Street

A modern view of the top of Main Street.

Looking down from the entrance to the Savile Pit. Many of the old properties in Main Street were demolished in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Residents were rehoused in the newly built Embleton Estate.
On right of the photo these bungalows, built in 1960, replace the old houses of Top Fold. Beyond them can be seen the rear of Smirthwaite House and the rear entrance, on Main street. Denison Square houses stood approximately where the old people's bungalows are. It is difficult to imagine 46 houses in this small area from Smirthwaite inclusive of bungalows. Beyond are new council properties of the early 1960s, again replacing old demolished properties and in the rear is the mock Tudor building, for many years the Miners' Welfare.
On the left is the gable of a house which stood on Main Street at the top of Mill Lane and this hides the properties beyond. The Bay Horse Public House is at the far end.

British Legion Club, later Ex-servicemen's Club
British Legion Club

Built in the former recreation field at the top of Mill Lane, on the west side of the lane. The older part was constructed from an ex-army Nissen Hut after the 1939-45 War.

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