Victoria House, Mill Lane

Down Mill Lane was the village corn mill. Houses stood on the right hand side going from Main Street down the lane, to then probable site of the corn mill - some of the small buildings were converted into houses. All are now demolished, At the bottom of the lane was a row of 4 houses, known as Victoria Terrace, which stood obliquely and faced up the lane. In winter these were often flooded and marooned by flood waters of the pond, - a large area of water, stretching from Pit Lane to Mill Lane all along the back, ie. north, of Main Street.
Victoria House, facing south, was the last residential property down Mill Lane and is now actually 2 houses. This large property, as its name implies, was built in Victorian times for a doctor. The doctor and his family lived in the larger part of the house (to left of photo, two up and two lower windows and central doorway). The smaller part on the right was the doctor's surgery, patients' waiting room and servants' quarters.

The house was later occupied for many years by colliery managers and under managers at the Savile Pit, the property having been bought by Briggs the coal owners. The house was sold privately in the 1960s.
It is said that Titus Salt, of Saltaire fame,wished to build his mill for the manufacture of mohair woollen cloth down Mill Lane and presumably his model village, in Methley. (Titus Salt came to live in Methley Hall in 1856 and stayed for 9 years). Coal, transport and water were readily available for his plans, but Mexboroughs refused their permission. Otherwise Methley might have become similar to Saltaire - where he later built - with rows of houses, church, schools, library, almshouses and hospital.
Thomas Atkinson, wheelwright, of Mill Lane died 1889.

Off-licence shop, Main Street

Off-licence shop, Main Street, early 1900s
The end property of larger 3-storey houses in Denison Square, almost opposite the modern Butchers shop. Owned at the time of photo by Chatham family who are standing in doorway.

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