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his ends the tour of Methley for the time being.

 The next update will continue with pages on Scholey Hill and Hungate area.

 Please keep checking for update and let us have your thaughts.


                                 Methley Past and Present, A Village Tour

his tour of our beautiful village of Methley done by two local Methley historians.

Methley historians Walter and Nellie Minnet. Nellie the Narrator, Walter the Photographer of presentations from time to time over the years in a narrated slide show form (Methley Past and Present). Many of the photographs were supplied by members of the village and elsewhere. the early prints was handed over to Methley Archive in the early days of the Methley Archive and has now grown into a 6,500+ image database.

 Due to the distance of time it was not possible to make acknowledgements to most of the collections when the Methley Archive was opened on the 06 March 2001.

 The original webmaster of this Methley Heritage website Methley Past and Present, A Village Tour @ Bomfi ~ was originally made into a website by the late Peter Garland.

 These pages locked in time are no longer to be found @ Bomfi. We have now transferred these pages as near as possible of the original works by Peter Garland onto this Methley Archive website as now found here at:- .

 I hope Walter and Nellie Minnet would have approved likewise Peter of this Methley Past and Present, A Village Tour. Hope you find these unearth pages appealing set in their original composition by Peter.

Graham Waite.

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