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Inside Out – Madonna POW Painting

Inside Out – Madonna POW Painting

This program was first broadcast on BBC’s “Inside Out” program on the 5th of December 2011. It is the story of a painting by a German POW (Arthur Brown) painted at the time of the ending of WW2 whilst freely billeted in Methley Park, just north of the Park Lane, Watergate, Newmarket Lane divide. posted […]

Life & Times – 1939-45 War

methley home guard

This story was submitted to the People’s War site by Christine Wadsworth of Wakefield Libraries and Information Services on behalf of Don Nicholls and has been added to the site with his permission. The author fully understands the site’s terms and conditions. These are some of my memories of the years during the 1939-45 War. […]

Murder at Foxholes

murder at foxholes

The Wakefield Express, Saturday August 10th 1895 Murder of a Methley man at Altofts. Inquest yesterday. I am indebted to Elaine and John Jordan of Castleford for a copy of the following extract from the Wakefield Express of 10th August 1895. Elaine took up the search for the story from her ancestors who were the […]