A well-known, highly-respected collier (Mr. Daniel Flockton, Low Common, Methley) tells a remarkably interesting story of his cure by Charles Forde’s Bile Beans after all other medicines failed. Speaking to a representative of the “Leeds Daily News,” Mr. Flockton said:- “I am 64 years of age, and have worked in the pits for 50 years. In early life I was blessed with good health, and rarely missed a working day until about four years ago. I then began to have attacks of giddiness. Now, these to any man are dangerous, but to a collier they are particularly so. My strength began to fail, and at last I was so weak that, try as
might, I could not work my shift..

Numerous friends who saw my condition advised me to go right off to Leeds and get the best medical advice possible. l am one of those men who don’t believe in going places where you can get advice and medicine free, if you are able to pay for it. Anyhow. I paid and paid liberally; but I felt little better for the return I got. One doctor said one thing and one another, but all the time I was getting so run down and helpless that was fairly tired of living..

I had about given up all hope of ever being well again, and had almost enough medicine to float a ship, when a friend told me of the curative power of Bile Beans. I decided to give them a trial, and bless the day when I did. Within a week of first taking the Beans I felt that the dizziness was beginning to disappear; my sleep became less disturbed and more refreshing, and I began to feel that after all there might something in life. Another week passed, and I felt sure that life was worth living. Still the improvement continued as I went on takining the Beans, until once more I felt fit and well, and ready go down the shaft, as cheerfully as any of my mates.

At the present moment my health is wonderful, but mark you this! I am satisfied beyond all doubt that if it had not been for Charles Forde’s Bile Beans for Biliousness I should now have been laid on the shelf — or in a colder place. You can publish all I have told you for the good of other folk; for he’s a poor soul who keeps a good thing all to himself.


In all parts of the world Bile Beans for Biliousness have earned for themselves by their unequalled excellence a reputation which places them to-day far in advance of any other similar preparation. This specific is not a carelessly-prepared nostrum. On the contrary, it is the result of long and thoughtful research on the part of an Australian chemist, who, after years of study, discovered a natural vegetable substance which, after further study, he suceeded in compounding with other ingredients, so that its effect, on the digestive organism of the human system is identical with that of the natural bile created by the liver. Finding this, then, to be the most natural cathartic obtainable, the public rapidly accepted it in preference to all others, and consequently, the old methods of starving and the use of pepsin and bismuth sank into insignificance and oblivion.

Acting on the bowels in a gentle manner, Bile Beans do not weaken or any way distress the patient. This is a point in which they differ materially from nearly all laxative remedies sold to-day, as the latter usually act in a violent manner, weakening the patient, and in many cases doing more harm than good.

Bile Beans have been aptly termed “a medicine for the people at a popular price.” Many wonder how this remedy can have the great virtue that we claim for it and still be sold at such a reasonable price; yet the solution is simple. Millions upon millions of Bile Beans are consumed annually (a fact that in itself is of positive proof that the world’s inhabitants know how to appreciate a really genuine remedy, and that they have found that remedy in Charles Forde’s Bile Beans for Biliousness. Owing to this immense annual sale, we are enabled to purchase the very best drugs in exceedingly large quantities, and thus get them at a great deal lower price than if we bought only moderate quantities at the time.

Then, again, Bile Beans are manufactured in possibly the largest and best-equipped laboratories in the world. In this establishment only the very latest improved machinery is used, and this fact also greatly minimises the cost of production. Thus it will seen that through the great consumption the proprietors are enabled to sell this valuable remedy at a price that places it within the reach all.

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