Yorkshire Evening Post - Tuesday 01 September 1903 - INDIAN ROOT PILLS CURE INDIGESTION


Pains in the chest, brought on by indigestion, would sometimes sieze me with terrific force. I would then be unable to move, and so disorganised and weak were my stomach and bowels that I found it almost impossible to take even the lightest foods. This had been my condition since I was thirteen years of age,” said Mr. Eli Fellows, to our representative, who called upon him at his residence, Wesleyan Chapel Yard, Methley, near Leeds.

“Years of suffering naturally weakened and depressed me, and the low state I fell into brought upon me long spells of insomnia. At night I would lay and toss about, unable to sleep; yet so worn out that pains were to some extent
numbed by my very weakness. Unable to eat or sleep, with a constant pain in my chest and stomach, I feared, that unless I could soon find some cure I should rapidly sink into worse dangers.

At last, when it seemed almost out of the question that I could ever again recover my former good health, Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills were brought to my notice. From that day I trace the turning point in my career. A few bottles soon arrested the gradual decay of my health, and before I was hardly aware of it I was once more in as healthy a state as a man could wish to be, and all this I owe to Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills. First my indigestion went, then the chest pains vanished, and soon I experienced the refreshing sensation of calm, heavy sleep. For getting to the roots of indigestion and its attendant evils, there is nothing I know so powerful or good as Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills.”

Being made from herbs, roots, and plants they are purely vegetable. The most delicate constitution can take them with perfect ease, whilst the gentle manner In which they act, and the certainty that they will perform their duty, have made them the world-renowned agent they are to-day for expeling pain and suffering

DR. MORSE’S INDIAN ROOT PILLS are a positive cure for Liver and Kidney complaint a, Biliousness, Indigestion, Constipation, Dyspepsia, Foul Breath, Sallow complexion, piles, and Female Ailments; a perfect Blood Purifier, curing Eczema, Pimples, and Blotches.

Sold by leading Chemists and stores, price is. 11/2d. per bottle. It unable to obtain where you reside, Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills may had, post free on receipt of price. The W. H. Comstock Company, Ltd. (British Depot), 21, Farringdon Avenue, London, E.C.

Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills

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Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills


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