Leeds Intelligencer - Tuesday 9 January 1782 - Methley Intended Inclosure


THE next MEETING of the OWNERS of HOUSES, LANDS, and TENEMENTS, within the MANOR and PARISH of METHLEY, will be held at the Mexbrough-Arms, near Methley Church, on Thursday the 31st Day of January Instant, at Ten in the Morning, to consider of the proposed Inclosure of Commons and Fields within the said Manor and Parish; at which Hour (the Days being short) it is earnestly requested that all Persons interested will attend.

ROBERT PARKER, Solicitor. January 9th.

Methley Intended Inclosure

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The Leeds Intelligencer was founded by Griffith Wright in Leeds in 1754 as a four-page weekly and originally known as Wright’s Leeds Intelligencer. By the 1790’s it was viewed as the leading Tory organ in Yorkshire.

It was sold to the newly-formed Yorkshire Conservative Newspaper Company which turned the weekly Leeds Intelligencer into the daily Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, launched on July 2, 1866.

Founded: 1754
Last issue: 1866