Travel Back In Time

A series of photographs taken from the same viewpoint at different times in history.

Many say that a time machine does not exist. But what is a time machine if not a photograph? By means of a photograph we can open the door to our feelings. Many say that a time machine does not exist, but it does, inside each of us.

Pinder Bridge

The stone bridge which carries the LMS railway over the main A639 road was built in 1840 when the railway line was constructed.

July 1st, 1840, saw the opening of this section, the North Midland from Leeds to Derby and later to London.

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Main Street

Looking down Main Street from the Miners’ Welfare area towards Pinfold Lane c.1920.

The final photograph is from a similar position position to the previous one and was taken in 1991. On the right, houses now stand on the former waste ground. These semi-detached houses were built in 1924 for the workpeople of Briggs, coal owners.

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