Three pairs of brick semi-detached houses built on the site of St. Margaret’s Church

These were built by Wrights on the site of the former St. Margaret’s land at the NW corner of Pinfold Lane. The frontage of the houses faces onto Pinfold lane. The stone wall in front is part of an earlier stone wall which surrounded the plot of land.

Gardens and garages are at the rear – entrance to these is from Main Street. All the site is occupied by the properties. The houses were occupied 1984.

Houses at the bottom of Pinfold Lane, east side

In front is the detached house built as a Police House. It was built on the site of the garden of the now demolished Methley Police Station which had its own cells and the attached Police Sergeant’s House, which stood below this new property at the corner of Pinfold Lane and Lower Mickletown Road – now a landscaped area. The Police Station was built before 1891.

Records state that land south of it was held by Tom Braime and land to the east by Elizabeth Denison (Denison Row?). Houses above the Police Station were two pairs of semi-detached houses of different design and a detached house, built early 1900s.

Houses at the bottom of Pinfold Lane.
Near junction of Savile Road and Pinfold Lane.
Near junction of Savile Road and Pinfold Lane.

Near Junction of Savile Road and Pinfold Lane

Savile Road, 1986, from near the junction with Pinfold Lane. Savile Road, bearing the family name – Savile – of the Mexborough family, was made 1926-27 on the line of a former field path, a public right of way, linking Pinfold Lane with Church Lane.

The path continued south of Butt’s House (across Pinfold Lane) to the top of Greenfield Terrace houses and on to Coney Moor. On the south side of the path were cornfields and on the north side was rougher ground and allotments.

Two types of council house were built along Savile Road in 1927. The Garden House was demolished and some private houses were built on the south side, later than the council properties, in 1930-32. In 1945-50 some private houses were built on the north side.

The road was made to relieve traffic on Main Street. At first buses going to Leeds travelled up Savile Road and returned from Leeds down Main Street. Other traffic could use both ways. On the front left of the photo is the school wall and a bus shelter.

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