methley Church of England School
The Church of England School, Methley, front view.

Church of England School, front view

The National School, the Church of England School, Churchside showing the front (east) view plus the gable end of the School House. The school was planned and built in 1847 and extended in 1859.

When it was first built on a triangular piece of land bordering the main road, on part of the Kirksyke field, a School House was included in the plans, also a long classroom sub-divided into two, plus a cloakroom and in addition toilets in the rear yard. In 1859 an extension was added to the south side, a long building at right angles to the first building.

On the 6th September 1897 there were 185 children on roll. It opened as Methley Girls National School and the children paid 2d, and later 3d a week to attend. Log Books of 1863-1883 and 1901-1955 are in the West Yorkshire Archives at Sheepscar, Leeds. These contain many interesting entries.

In 1905 it became Methley National School and was recognised by the Board of Education as providing places for not more than 115 girls and 69 infants. The total was later amended to 177. Boys attended the school until they were 7 and then transferred to the Board School in Pinfold Lane.

Girls continued their education until first gaining a school-leaving certificate (12-13 years old) and then later until the school leaving age (14 and later 15 years old). In 1901 the Staff had a Certificated Mistress and a Cerificated Infant Teacher and 3 ex-pupil teachers (Miss Braime, Miss Whitehead and Miss Taylor). In 1901 there were 110 girls and 87 infants on roll. Mrs Robinson was Headmistress.

In February 1943 Miss Jessie Travis became Headmistress when Miss Gleave retired. In 1955 when Methley schools were reorganised the school became an Infant School for the village until 1962, when a new Infant School was built in Little Church Lane. The building then became the Parish Centre for St Oswald’s Church. In 1984 it was completely renovated and refurbished and officially re-opened on 31st October, 1986, as the St Oswald’s Parish Centre.

National School, south side

This photograph was taken before the later alterations. This wing was the 1859 extension.

National School, south side
The National School, methley, rear view
The National School, Methley, rear view

The National School, rear view

This photograph shows the old windows and the shape of the building and the old playground. In addition the west gable of School House can be seen.

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