The Cedars gardens with Church spire in background.

This photograph of the Cedars shows part of the gardens in the early 1930s and the front and east of the house. In the background is St Oswald’s Church, complete with spire.

On the left, in front of a tall hedge was a path and a small gateway onto the main road, almost directly opposite the main gate of St Oswald’s. This was used by the Rev P.Y. Savile for direct and easy access to the church when he lived at the Cedars

Sir Edward Elgar

Sir Edward Elgar was a personal friend of Mr. H.C. Embleton and frequently visited the Cedars.

Sir Edward Elgar
Sir Edward Elgar has connections to Methley.
the cedars methley
The Cedars,showing the new extension to care home

The Cedars, showing new extension

The Cedars with the new extension providing more bedrooms for the residents.

Original house and extension

The Cedars – another view of the bedroom extension which shows the front and side of the original house and the side extension to the north.

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