Denison Row, looking down the row
Denison Row, looking down the row

Denison Row, looking down the row

The row was on the south side of Lower Mickletown Road i.e. behind Lower Pinfold Lane. It comprised a row of 10 through houses with 4 more lower down, 14 in all. They were built mid 19th century and owned, as the name suggests, by the Denison family.

The track or ‘yard’ in front of the houses (actually the back of the row as the front faced onto Pinfold Lane) seen on the photo was the original carriage-way and rear entrance to Butts House, Pinfold Lane which stands almost opposite Savile Road – some members of the Dennison family lived there.

The photo shows the rear of the cottages. The back door opened onto a small pavement with a dirt yard in front. The boy on the cycle is Kenneth Atkinson. The house in Talbot Square on the opposite side of Lower Mickletown Road can be seen.

Behind the two last houses on the photo and standing back in a small yard were two more cottages. On the roadside was Beaumont’s General Provision Store and their home. The houses were demolished 1980..

Denison Row

Here we are looking down the row towards Mickletown Road. It shows the play area for children – the communal backyard. On the right are the two houses which stood directly on the main road side – this view shows the rear of those facing up Denison Row.

These two through houses had their own rear yard with gate and small gardens parallel with Denison row itself.

The Cobbler's Shop 1949

The Cobbler’s Shop 1949

This was used for many years by Johnny Griffiths. The shop stood below Denison Row as one went down Lower Mickletown. It was on a small mound, approximately where the Firs houses are.

It was an old wooden shop, owned for several years by Mr. John Griffiths, son of Cobbler Sammy, who had his small cobbler’s shop in Talbot Yard, later owned by Mr. Atack.

Note the Castleford theatre bills on the boards outside the shop. The child in the picture was called Jones.

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