Greenfield Terrace, Lower Mickletown Road, 1983
Greenfield Terrace, Lower Mickletown Road, 1983

Greenfield Terrace, Lower Mickletown Road, 1983

This used to be the first row approached when going down Lower Mickletown. Two rows of terrace houses, identical when first built but now privately owned and altered. Each row has a back entrance from the communal yard; the front entrance opens onto a small garden but there is no road access between the rows.

The larger, bottom house, plaster-rendered, is actually 2 houses combined and was for many years two shops and house, occupied by the Shillito family.

The nearest corner on the photo was a small grocery shop and general store, with its doorway at the road side of the building. At the far corner was a popular fish and chip shop, with a large window at the roadside and a corner door up three stone steps. This was later occupied by Mrs. Hancock. When the shops closed the fish and chip shop became, for a short time a hairdresser’s salon. There is now no trace of the two shops. Behind the terrace is the now derelict land, originally known as Field Head, where there were at one time nine houses.

Greenfield Terrace, 1983

The similarity between the two rows can clearly be seen.

Second Row of Greenfield Terrace, 1983.

The Wetlands 1985

Looking over to the left are the Wetlands, opposite the dormer-windowed new houses. Looking west the corner of the Whinney is visible in the foreground, Cutler Lane Ings and across to Methley Flash and the old Savile Pit spoilheap can be seen.

The old ammunition store down Pit Lane is also visible (now demolished). At the rear are the loading staithes on the canal for the opencast coal (also demolished). A boat us just visible on the canal. At the far rear are the cooling towers of Knostrop Power Station.

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