Main Street, top of Barrack Yard

On the right in shade is the wall of the farmyard of Manor farm and the two front houses of Bickerdyke Buildings – these two houses were parallel with Main Street. Beyond them are old properties e.g. Websdale’s Fish and Chip shop, another house, then the side of the Malt Shovel Inn (the front of the Inn faced down Main Street). Beyond that is the Miners’ Welfare.

The two houses on the left before the Bay Horse stood on the site of the present day car park for the Bay Horse. At right angles to Main Street – the entrance can just be seen – was a row of houses called Barrack Yard. Reason for the name is not known. The Bay Horse Inn was built before 1887.

Lord Nelson Inn, Main Street

In the foreground is part of the Bay Horse, then a small cottage wedged between the Bay Horse and the Lord Nelson Inn. The date of this mock-Tudor inn is unknown, maybe its name is a clue. In 1904 its front was rebuilt. The inn stood directly on the pavement, its projecting, over-hanging upper storey jutting out over the pavement.

Many older village residents remember the village chemists, Dibb and Jackson, having premises on the ground floor. Later it was a small garden shop and a non-dispensing chemist. On the upper floor was a lady’s hairdresser, (Varley).
The far building on the left was the rear of Manners’ shop, which stood at the bottom of a row of houses on Stocks Hill.

Lord Nelson Inn, Main Street.
Lord Nelson Inn, Main Street.
Lord Nelson Inn, Main Street.
Lord Nelson Inn, Main Street.

Main Street, old view c.1910

The Bay Horse is just omitted from the photo. The small cottage and the Lord Nelson Inn are on the left.

On the right, where the lady is walking, are the two front houses of Bickerdyke Buildings, parallel with Main Street. A small brick wall enclosed a narrow front ‘flagged’ yard. Just omitted from right is a ‘ginnel’ which led to the rear of the other houses of Bickerdyke Buildings, which were at right angles to Main Street.(‘John Bickerdyke 1890-91’)

The tree is at the entrance to the private path to Garden House. Beyond that is Websdale’s fish and chip shop and greengrocery shop and their plaster-rendered house. Another house is between here and the Malt Shovel Inn. At the rear is the Miners’ Welfare.

In the early 1900’s Websdale’s fish and chip shop and house was the residence of a doctor, the house being called The Grove. The rear of the house faced on to Main Street and large gates at the west end gave access to the front of the house which faced south.

At this front was a cobbled area which it was said was part of a very old former road, which ran parallel to the present Main Street and more to the south. The Websdale’s had the greengrocery and fish shop by 1911.

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