Garden House c.1900. methley
Garden House c.1900.

Garden House c.1900

Mrs. Ellwood occupied the house, which was rather secluded and had a tall hedge round it. It stood at approximately the end of the Garden House Close houses on Savile Road, almost at the top of Summer Hill Road.

It had its own private path from Main Street – with an arched doorway (with a door on when the house was occupied) – in a stone wall near the tree in the previous photo. At the time of this photo it was surrounded by fields. Garden House was demolished when Savile Rd. was made (1926) and the private path became a public one from Main Street to Savile Road. The old wall and the arched doorway were retained on Main Street until 1960s.

Main Street, old view

These properties stood where the Old People’s flats and Community Centre are now. In the forefront is the door which led to the rear of the fish and chip shop (large window and door), which was managed for many years by Websdales. Next is the house of the shop.

Jutting out a little further into Main Street is another house – Taylors were the occupants for several years. The plaster-rendered part following was the living quarters for the land-lord of the Malt Shovel Inn, then there is a part of the inn (which faced down Main Street) and the Miners’ Welfare in the background.

Main Street, Methley, old view

Main Street 1988

This photo was taken looking up Main Street, towards the Savile Pit entrance, from the Bay Horse. The sign outside the Bay Horse is just visible on the right. The bushes are at the top of Barrack Yard and then can be seen a row of older houses (now renovated), new shops just visible, then the house at the top of Mill Lane.

On left flats replace Manor Farm, council-built houses replace Woodhall manor, old people’s bungalows just visible (on the site of Denison Square) and private bungalows beyond (site of Top Fold).

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