Methley Junction - Middle Row
Methley Junction - Middle Row

Methley Junction – Middle Row

On the right of the picture is the rear of Middle Row and, just visible on the left, is the rear of Top Row. In the space beteen the two rows are the old privies and ash-pits. As can be seen the houses here are privately owned and individually altered.

Demolition had threatened for several years before it actually took place and the area was blighted and run-down, many families leaving and securing their own accommodation. Later the properties were compulsory purchased. It is interesting to note that at one time Mr. Jack Farrar, who lived in Middle Row, had the key to the water pump for the domestic water supply and the key had to be obtained by him in order to get water.

Front View of Front Row

This faces south. Here there is wasteground in front of the row but at one time this land used to be allotments

Front View of Front Row.

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