The Dame School, Pinder Green.
The Dame School, Pinder Green.

The Dame School, Pinder Green

The east side of Pindergreen House, formerly the Dame School, taken in 1992.
The property was sold in the late 1980s by the Mexborough Estate and has been extensively renovated and refurbished, but still retaining its original character and is now one large private residence.

An authentic appearance; very pleasing. This is the east side of the property – the main entrance faces into the main road. This was also the old main entrance of the school, but the inscription above the door – J.S. 1637 – which was almost obliterated , has now gone and the wall on the top of the porch is now raised. The roof still has a stone-flagged roof, – the roof slabs were turned.

The Dame School, Pindergreen

Pindergreen House or the Dame School, Pindergreen, this time showing the south and east view in 1992. The photograph indicates the care and success of the restoration of the property.

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