Junction of Pinfold Lane and Main Street
Junction of Pinfold Lane and Main Street 1982

Junction of Pinfold Lane and Main Street

This photo of 1982 is looking up Main Street ie. looking west. On the right is the stone boundary wall of the Old Rectory. The entrance to Parsonage Road is hidden but the top of the telephone box is visible.

Where the pair of semi-detached houses stand was the site of Red House – Methley Urban District Council Offices and home of the Methley U.D.C. Surveyor, before themerger with Rothwell U.D.C. in 1936. Two privately built houses were erected on the former orchard of the old butcher’s shop and this was also the site of Methley’s first purpose built library, erected in 1950.

Next is the former butcher’s shop and attached house (at the end of Pit Lane), the Commercial Inn, almost hidden, and Mickletown Post Office and the Methodist Church beyond. On the left are the wall and railings round the land of St. Margaret’s Church at the bottom of Pinfold Lane. The houses beyond this are not visible.

Old People’s Bungalows, Parsonage Road

The Old People’s bungalows are on the left. the west of the road and were built early 1960s. Here was Rectory, Parsonage Farm – the farm house and farm buildings – Simpson’s Farm.

Beyond and along the top of the road are private houses, also built 1960s.On the right is the front row of Holmfield Cottages and the hedge in the foreground is that of the Old Rectory.

Old People's Bungalows, Parsonage Road
Old People's Bungalows, Parsonage Road.
Parsonage Road - Holmfield Cottages.

Parsonage Road – Holmfield Cottages

Two rows of ‘through’ houses, built in the late 19th century. They are now privately owned and altered. It is thought that land at the bottom of Parsonage Road was at one time held by University College, Oxford – shown on old maps.

The land at the rear of the Parsonage belonged to University College – shown on the 1832 map and also shown on the 1895-6 map.

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