Savile Road Corner, 1930
Savile Road Corner, 1930.

Savile Road corner, 1930

The junction of Mickletown Road, Savile Road and Church Lane. Private houses on the right hand side of Savile Road (south side) are being built. There are no houses towards the top of Savile Road – still cornfields.

The Council built houses nearer the school and completed Savile Road between 1924 and 1927. The Council built properties 1927, Summerhill road – 1931, and private houses were built 1930 – 1932. Woodhall houses were built 1960 and private houses on the north side around the mid-1950s.

The route of Savile Road followed that of a footpath which linked Pinfold Lane and Church Lane, which passed through a cornfield. The brick wall is now boundary of houses. The lady sitting on the wall is Mrs Heath of Woodrow.

Savile Road corner 1983

View from same location as above. Now a mature area, a tree-lined road with houses each side. The small brick wall is still there, now the boundary wall of a pair of semi-detached houses built at this

Savile Road Corner 1983
Savile Road Corner 1983

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