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st oswalds methley
St Oswald’s Church circa 1844

St Oswald’s Church 1844

This view of the Church, taken in about 1844, is the earliest photograph we have.

It is taken from the South East and shows the spire that was erected at the end of the eighteenth century. It was soon in need of attention as lightening damaged it. There was an advert for its repair in the Leeds Intelligence in 1784.

The spire was completely rebuilt in 1900 and 1901 when there were extensive renovations carried out on the entire Church. The spire was finally removed in 1937 and for several years stone from the demolished spire was stacked in the churchyard at the rear of the Old Post office and the side gable of Churchside House.

South View with Clock circa 1870

Etching of St. Oswald’s Church from circa 1870. This is very similar to the previous photograph but now shows a clock in the tower.The clock shown on the 1869-1874 photograph, a ‘one eight days clock’, is stated to be in the tower in 1895.

st oswalds' methley
Etching of St. Oswald’s Church from circa 1870

South Side of the Church, early 1900’s

The churchyard is extended in the foreground. The spire is again in evidence.The effigy of St Oswald has now been removed from above the south entrance porch; all the windows contain stained glass which were installed in the mid-19th century.The Clerestory windows now have tracery stonework.

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