North-west view from the top of the church tower

This photo shows the side and rear of the Rose and Crown Inn, the rear of Churchside Farm, the main road, the Bowling Green and Cricket Field. The Bowling Green then had a small pavilion.

There is the old pavilion in the NW corner of the cricket field, as shown on 1908 map, and the sight boards. Looking over the cricket field there is quite a large plantation at the top of Church Lane and Woodrow Hill can be seen. There is Ivy House Farm and the low rhubarb sheds on the left, the fields on the crest of the hill and across to Methley Wood around the Woodend area.

There is a small cottage at the end of the Mulberry Path, near its junction with the main road. At one time this was a fish and chip shop and later a sweet and tobacco shop. It is not clear if Bondfield Terrace is visible but there is no Hollings estate and no houses at the top of Church Lane.

Cenotaph & upper part of south side about 1923.

The Cenotaph is in the foreground, the octagonal base bears the names of 56 Methley men who gave their lives in 1914-18 war.

The upper part of south side of the Church shows the clerestory windows, the church tower and spire. There were many trees in the churchyard.

Pontefract road methley
A cyclist on the main Leeds-Pontefract road

Cyclist on the main Leeds-Pontefract Road

This is the Barnsdale Road, near the churchyard and the Cedars’ grounds. Note that there is no other traffic on the road and the cyclist appears to be in the middle of the road on an old high bicycle.

The cyclist may be Mr. Allatt, who lived in Foxholes, or it could be Mr. Bottomly, the school’s Attendance Officer for many years. He investigated children’s absence from school and was often nicknamed ‘Kiddie Catcher’ because of this. There are no pedestrians.

This photograph was taken near the entrance to the School House and the ‘Little Fields’ footpath.

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