Watergate floods

Bus-stop sign just visible above the water, near 48, Watergate. Note the height of the water on the cottage walls at the rear of the bus-stop.

Cottages in Watergate, surrounded by floodwaters

Watergate Floods – Cottages surrounded by the flood waters – note the height of water on the cottage walls, outbuildings and lower kitchen roofs just visible.
Inset in R. hand corner the bus stop just visible above the floods.

Watergate Floods

Family rescuing goods by rowing boat from an upstairs window of their home. Occupants of this cottage were Mr. & Mrs. Riley, who had recently married and occupied this house. They had the trauma of their first home being severely damaged.

Drying out at the Junction Inn

Drying out at the Junction Inn after the floods subsided. The army helped to dry out the bar of the inn using hot-air driers. Angela Heaton, and her mother watching the work being carried out. Bert and Byrl Heaton were the popular landlords of the
Junction Inn.

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