Penn Banks, 1985
Penn Banks, 1985

Penn Banks, 1985

Similar view to the earlier photo but nearer the weir, looking upstream. The height of the river bank is now apparant as is the lock-wall. There is a clear view of the farmhouse on the Altofts bank and some of the farm buildings.

Cottages near Turner’s Farm, Watergate

These stood on the west side of the road, below where the bungalows are now.The three storey building was used as cottages in the 1940s and perhaps later as farm buildings.

Mr. Turner lived at the farm at the time of the Watergate Floods. After the floods the farm became empty and was later demolished. The pear tree on the left remained growing.

Cottages near Turner's Farm, Watergate
Cottages near Turner's Farm, Watergate


A short row of cottages on Watergate below the Mexborough Arms on the opposite side. This short row of cottages stood back from the road where Turner’s Farm was. One house was a ‘house’ shop kept by Mrs. Turner.

Houses near the Mexboro’ Arms

Community houses around the Mexborough Arms. This small group of properties is on Watergate, just before the pub. On the left is the front garden and part of a bungalow, one of a pair of semi-detached bungalows, built on this higher ground by the Turner family after their farm was demolished in the 1960’s.

Beyond, also on the left, is an old – now modernised – cottage, called Rose Cottage. Across the road on the left side of the photo, is the plaster-rendered gable of the Mexborough Arms standing at the east corner of the crossroads. In the near foreground is a detached house built mid 1960s.

Houses near the Mexboro' Arms
Houses near the Mexboro' Arms.

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