Wetlands, Lower Mickletown, 1985
Wetlands, Lower Mickletown, 1985.

Wetlands, Lower Mickletown

Taken from just opposite the dormer-windowed houses, just below Greenfield Terrace. We are looking east over the Whinney to Mary Pannal Hill and Ledston. Ledston Hall is just visible.

Lower Mickletown Road from Greenfield Terrace

Lower Mickletown Road from Greenfield Terrace, looking down to Mexborough Terrace. On the site of these 8 new houses was a terrace of old properties, known as Doctor Row; the far end house was at one time a shop.

Behind the front row were more small cottages, all now demolished. The council-built houses of Mexborough Terrace are beyond; these were erected in 1925-26.

Lower Mickletown Road from Greenfield Terrace
Appleyard Row, Lower Mickletown.

Appleyard Row, Lower Mickletown

This row of cottages stood just below Mexborough Terrace at right angles to the main road. The gentleman in the picture is the late Mr. Harry Harrison, Estate Agent of Castleford who was head of the business.

Appleyard Row was built and owned by the Appleyard family. Appleyard Cottages are mentioned in the Land Tax Records of 1865-66. In 1850 Appleyard Houses and the Appleyard family in 1796.

Appleyard House

The photo on the right shows Walkers Butchers at the turn of the century.

Appleyard House - Butchers
Appleyard House - Butchers
Walkers Butcher shop 1930's.

Walker’s Butchers Shop 1930’s

This photograph shows Johnny Walker standing in the doorway of his shop during the 1930’s.

The Shop Today

The shop and house were recently converted to one residence.

The butchers shop converted to one residence.
Appleyard House recent

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