The Winney, 1982
The Winney, 1982. Photo looking west.

The Whinney, the Wetlands, Lower Mickletown

The Whinney, 1982 at the rear of Silver Row, looking west over this large stretch of water. The houses on the left are those of Greenfield Terrace, the plaster-rendered ex-shop and fish and chip shop being clearly visible.

Further towards the right, almost in the centre background, is the high gable of Waides Buildings, the 3 converted from 6 back-to-back houses. On the far right is the Savile Pit spoilheap.

Wilson Row, front view, 1983

Probably built by a branch of the Wilson family. Wilson was a common name in this area of the village in the 19th century. Name of the builders commemorated in the row.

The houses stand obliquely at the corner of Lower Mickletown Road, just below Silver Row. Noted on 1894 map. Communal entrance and yard at the rear of the houses, which face mainly north over fields and wetlands. They are ‘through’ houses (i.e. have a front door as well as a back one).

At the front, as seen on the photo, they have a small garden to each house, but no front road or thoroughfare.

Wilson Row, front view 1983.
Queen Inn, Lower Mickletown 1984.
Queen Inn, Lower Mickletown 1984.

Queen Inn, Lower Mickletown, 1984

A very old inn, some say from Victorian times, hence the name; others say even earlier and maybe re-named, as it was on the important route to the Allerton Ferry. The front faces south.

This view shows modernisation and refurbishment of the old inn. The land at the rear on which is now the beer garden and some semi-detached houses, was, up to the 1930s, laid out and used as a crown bowling green. The ‘Queen’ had its own bowling team for many years – some recall the successful players of the early 1900s.

Round the green was a high wooden fence which sheltered the green and gave privacy. Closed for a few years & in May/June 2014 has being demolished completely bar its sign on the post.

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