A closer view of the Wheelhouse.
A closer view of the Wheelhouse.

The Wheelhouse

A closer view of the Wheelhouse. Inset in the gable are wooden cart wheels, a reminder of its former importance.

The Estate Manager’s house, Woodend

The front and south side of the Estate Manager’s house in 1981.
Woodland or Woodside House is now demolished. It was ccupied for many years by the Richardson family, whose members were Estate stewards or Managers. First, John Richardson became steward in 1863. The property was vacated in 1982 by Mr. Jack Richardson, also the Estate Manager, when he and his family removed to Hawnby, in N. Yorks.

The Estate Offices were at the rear of the family home and these too were removed to Hawnby. The property was somewhat damaged by subsidence, so it was demolished. Now the site of the house, offices and gardens is part of the grounds of Methley Park Hospital.

The house was probably a farm in its early days and then extended to include the Estate Offices and more family accommodation

East Lodge, Woodend.

East Lodge, Woodend

Not a very old property. It guarded the entrance to Methley Woods, the track to the Garden House and rear, or tradesmen’s, entrance to Methley Hall.

An older lodge, North Lodge, was on Leeds Road, approximately where the entrance to Methley Park Hospital is.

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