Albert Place, Woodrow
Albert Place, Woodrow.

Albert Place, Woodrow

Albert Place, Leeds Road, Woodrow, in the 1980s. This is the front row, front view. Built mid to late 19th century. Another row is at the rear at right angles to this row, facing onto the track to Bond House.

Probably ‘Albert’ in the Row’s name is in deference to Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria. Note the telephone box.

Royal Oak Public House

This photograph of the Royal Oak was taken around 1920 and shows the front of the Inn as it was originally built, i.e. with one bay window. It was a Bentley’s Yorkshire Brewery house (Bentleys brewed at Woodlesford). Note gas lamp.

The car at the side is reputed to be the first car in Methley, owned by Dr. Taylor (village doctor), who lived at Oaklands, Pinfold Lane. It is a two-seater, open-top car, with a running board, with tool box and acetylene lamps. Opinions vary as to the make of the car – some say Vauxhall, some A/C and others Austin. Many say it was a bright yellow colour. The chauffeur is Mr. Greenwood Heath, smartly attired in green livery.

If you can identify the make of the car we would love to hear from you..

Royal Oak Public House
Royal Oak Public House.
royal oak methley
The Royal Oak in the early 1980s.

The Royal Oak in the early 1980s

In this photograph from the early 1980’s there are two bay windows. In background is the rear of the houses on Station Road.

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