Plumpton House
Plumpton House.

Plumpton House

Plumpton House, Woodrow, now 118/120 Leeds Road. Here is an old view of the house, standing in a small triangle of land at the corner of Station Road and the Leeds-Pontefract Road.

The triangle was said to have been a small park with formal gardens. The house was built in 1869. In 1889 a building (now a small house) was added as a joiner’s shop with an undertakers above.

Today the large house is divided into two – hence 118 and 120. The attached building is also a house.

The Royal Oak corner, Methley Lane

The Royal Oak corner looking along Methley Lane in 1984. Plumpton House is now clearly altered. There are the older houses beyond Station Rd. Hidden is the entrance to Woodrow Crescent and the bungalows built late 1950s – early 1960s.

Almost hidden in the trees are houses at the top of Fleet Lane, built 1956 by J. Dickinson, on land bought from Mexboro’ Estates.

Methley Lane from the Royal Oak corner
Methley Lane from the Royal Oak corner.

Methley Lane from the Royal Oak corner

This is winter in 1990. The lane can be seen almost up to the entrance to Methley Park Hospital. Methley Wood is clearly visible.

At the beginning of the wood is Tommy Lane, leading to Woodend. On the right are two older houses and the entrance to Woodrow Crescent. In the background the houses are those on top of John O’ Gaunts hill.

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