the coming and goings of the landowners and the gentry

titus salt, methley park

To the health of Titus Salt – ROYAL OAK INN, Methley

On Wednesday evening last, a supper took place at Mr. Hearn’s Royal Oak Inn, Methley, to which a number of gentlemen sat down, amongst whom were Mr. Hollins, Mr. Emery ….. READ MORE

Published: Saturday 27 November 1858
Newspaper: Pontefract Advertiser

methley hall

The Queen at Methley Hall

The party then drove to Methley Hall, the seat of the Earl of Mexborough, which the Queen had never previously visited…… READ MORE

Published: Saturday 24 August 1935
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury

St. Oswald's Church, south-east view, after 1937

Reopening of the Methley Church – St. OSWALDS

The interior of the ancient and beautiful church at Methley has been thoroughly renovated at a cost of £3,000, towards which….. READ MORE

Published: Saturday 11 April 1846
Newspaper: Leeds Intelligencer

the cedars, methley

Death of an Old Freemason – Thomas W. Embleton Methley

Yesterday, Mr. Thomas W. Embleton, of The Cedars, Methley, one of the oldest and most respected Freemasons in the province of West York, passed away. He was for many years…. READ MORE

Published: Thursday 09 November 1893
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post

methley hall

Notice to trespassers – METHLEY PARK, Methley

NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. Notice is hereby given. That SPRING GUNS are Set in the WOODS and PLANTATIONS at Methley Park.….. READ MORE

Published: Thursday 16 September 1824
Newspaper: Leeds Intelligencer

Methley Intended Inclosure

Methley Intended Inclosure – Manor and Parish of Methley

THE next MEETING of the OWNERS of HOUSES, LANDS, and TENEMENTS, within the MANOR and PARISH of METHLEY, will be held at the Mexbrough-Arms, near Methley Church, on Thursday the 31st Day of Jan….. READ MORE

Published: Tuesday 9 January 1782
Newspaper: Leeds Intelligencer

St. Oswald's Church, south-east view, after 1937

Funeral of Mr. Henry C. Embleton – METHLEY CHURCH

The funeral of Mr. Henry C. Embleton, Freeman of Leeds, and a well-known patron of the Leeds Choral Union, took place at Methley church in the presence of a large gathering of mourners….. READ MORE

Published: Tuesday 11 February 1930
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury

St. Oswald's Church, south-east view, after 1937

Allotment Tenants Dinner – METHLEY

We recently called attention to a dinner given by the Hon. and Rev. P. Y. Savile, rector of Methley, to his allotment tenants, and we rejoice to add the wives….. READ MORE

Published: Saturday 21 October 1854
Newspaper: Leeds Intelligencer

the cedars, methley

Bananas and Oranges Grown at Methley

Not many men in the British Isles can eat bananas of their own growing. One of the few who can is Mr. H. Craven, of The Cedars, Methley. In his tropical greenhouse he grows many fruits and plants….. READ MORE

Published: Thursday 04 May 1933
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury

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