A Video History Of Methley Village Life

A series of video’s using Archive photographs and embedded YouTube links showing village life. If you have any old photographs, newspaper cutting or video’s about the village, we’d love to hear from you.

The Methley Archive will always acknowledge the source and link to the original if the video has not been produced by us. The play button is actually a link to the original video on YouTube. Hyperlinking does not violate any copyright laws because the video does not appear on the MA site.

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Introduction To The Archive

A brief video/slider introduction to the work of the Methley Archive, which was formed in 2001, through a series of 18 photographs and text.

methley pubs and clubs

The Pubs & Clubs of Methley

A nostalgic video slideshow showing the pubs and clubs of Methley, many of them long gone. Produced by the Archive.

Methley Junction Pit Explosion

Methley Junction Pit Explosion!

A verse written by a miner after an explosion at Methley Junction Colliery on the 9th December 1875. Six miners were killed.

watergate floods 1963

Watergate Floods 1960

On the weekend of the 26/27th November 1960 the Watergate area of Methley was hit by flooding of biblical proportions.

Methley Related Video’s From YouTube (Not Produced By The Archive)

Savile pit taken in the late 1960’s.

Savile Pit, Methley – 1960’s

Video on the Methley Village YouTube Channel which shows Savile Pit taken in the late 1960’s. Read more about it here.

st. aidens methley

St. Aidens From The Air

Drone video of the St. Aidan’s nature reserve and the Bucyrus Erie Crane.
Shot by Tim Brickel from Methley.

Methley Joint Railway Part 3

Methley Joint Railway Part 3

Explore the stretch of track beween Newmarket Colliery & Methley Junction. Part of the AdventureMe series of videos.

explore Methley Junction and it's three abandoned stations

Methley Joint Railway Part 4

Explore Methley Junction and its three abandoned railway stations, Part of the AdventureMe series of videos.